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Grandma's Buttons

Grandma Minnie was 93 when she passed away on December 1st of 2006. She was an amazing woman who had lived by herself for more than 50 years on an 80 acre plot (in the middle of the Chippewa National Forest) in Northern Minnesota. For most of her working life she was employed at the local sawmill cutting timber, and picked wild rice for extra money. She befriended and named many forest animals like Deer and Humming Birds, and was visited often by Bears and Timber Wolves. She was one of 18 children and by herself raised five of her own. She lived life each day by breathing in the north air, rocking in her porch chair and telling stories about her past. She was a tough, loving, wise woman and she was all of my inspiration!

I am her Granddaughter! The Granddaughter that she helped raise.. The Granddaughter that was not afraid to ask questions, that took tub baths outside and got to use her outhouse. I saw firsthand what being all by yourself meant, with not a moment of fear! In time I’d learn it was the most precious gift that anyone could ever have given to me in my life.

The day of her funeral was the hardest day ever for me. I had not yet had a person leave my life through death, and there she was lifeless in front of my very eyes, not moving and just still. I expected her to jump up and be the loud laughing soul that she was. Instead there was silence. I turned that silence into what was real, which was me taking all she had ever shared with me and to share the story of her with anyone that would listen.

It was also this very day that I found the biggest bucket of buttons... I thought I had found GOLD! 100’s and 100’s of antique buttons... Where had they come from ? What was their past and what coat or shirt were they once attached to? With most strings still intact, some rusted and dusty, it seemed these buttons held an enormous amount of history.

So any buttons you see attached to the unique items that we share on our special day, consider them a gift from Grandma Minnie sharing with all, everything that was ever simple...
Mwuaaaaaaaaaaah ~!

How Did We Meet?

Johnny and I met at a dinner through a friend about 5 years ago. At the time we were both in a committed relationship and all it seemed we would talk about is our thyroid. Odd to most, but true.. So happens we both have a thyroid disease. About a year later, Friday May 13th to be exact with both of us newly single, we ran into one another at the Saloon in Encinitas. Being from Minnesota I didn’t see to may familiar faces and when I saw him I literally said, "Oh my god, do you remember me ??" Well, of course he did. Ever since that night and after many conversations we started hanging out regularly, and arranged our lives so we could spend all our time getting to know one another. I don’t think there’s been a moment since that hasn’t felt right. They say when you know you know! We found that so called puzzle piece in life.. Easy. Soon we would learn that what we had found was indeed very special.

Who would have ever imagined that a Girl from Shakopee, Minnesota and a Guy from Cape Town, South Africa would meet in San Diego to share all of their past, present and future ?? I guess it proves the world itself is small and no matter your facts your path will lead you to many things you could never imagine ~!!

How Did You Meet Us?

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Here are a couple of affordable places we recommend in our area

The Cardiff-By-The-Sea Lodge

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Days Inn in Encinitas

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Holiday Inn Express (used to be Comfort Inn)

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Inn at Moonlight Beach

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Best Western (More Roomy)

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Directions to our Celebration

After our ceremony you're invited up to our place for a champagne toast and to hang out in our converted Lounge by the Sea Disco Nightclub ~! Parking will be challenging but it will be worth it!

We can't wait to have everyone over ! We will have an open bar tended till 11pm and music through Midnight. Serving cake and La Papagayo appetizers till they are all gone ! This is our celebration and we want to share it with everyone.
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