How Did You Meet Us?

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Anonymous said...

Having fun... of course. DUH

Anonymous said...

Corena is my ultimate Capricorn BFF and yes we both married (will marry) our Leo Lover BFFs! I will never forget the time we patched an oil leak in her Miata with a 'super strength power putty'. This was after we used the mini jack to pump up the car...only thing was that in doing so we punctured a hole in the radiator too! Luckily we bought two tubes of the 'super strength power putty'! That stuff is amazing! We could have been on an infomercial! Don't ever tell a Cap, "you can't do it"! Damn we are good!
Cheers to keepin the love alive!
Much love from the Elizabeth, Elizabetsy,
Preg-esty or Betsy!

Melody said...

Once upon a time in LA, I was at an event freezing my tush off - and I was informed "Hey that girl Corena is from MN too!". I believe we spent the rest of the night talking about fishing and the cold north. Oh yeah, Johny was there as well... Ha ha. The three of us chatted and danced away the evening into dawn. I am honored to be a part of their day.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh!!! Memories!!! It was at the Del Mar Home Improvement Expo. After speaking with many Interior Decorators and hearing the same ole' "A red wall would look great there". My kids and I just kept on moving through the expo, until, all of a sudden, I see this eccentric, bubbly, cute and funky young lady, just chatting with whoever wanted to chat. It was so cute to watch her antics, along with her energizing personality. Needless, to say we made a bee-line right for her. We chatted, it took about a year for me to be ready for changes, and the rest is history. By the way Thanks for the great home you have created for us. Then came Johnny, I had heard rumors of a handsome young prince in her life, but hadn't yet had the pleasure of meeting him. Then BOOM! They have a housewarming party and there he was. Ahhh! Yes!!! What a beautiful couple they make!!! Both super people, so fun that everyone they meet wants to be a part of their lives!

Thanks for the honor of being invited to your special day! Live long and prosper!!!

Tania, Arielle and Race

Anonymous said...

My favorite girl at the Pioneer Press...we had so much fun together...and I could never head to the ladies' room without my stop by Rena's desk!
We finally broke outta that place and found the lives that were just waiting for us!!
Love you, Rena!!

Anonymous said...

I met Johnny and Corena on the pool deck of our apartment complex, the Pacific Crest. We were neighbors and I saw them occasionally and thought wow, they look like a cool couple that I would like to meet. One day I overheard Johnny talking about going to a Yacht Party which got my attention. So, I walked over and introduced myself and told them I was going to a Yacht Party too...and of was the same one! It turned out they knew some really good friends of mine! I just had returned from Costa Rica and wasn't working much and would always enjoy finding Corena smoking Vanilla cloves at the pool to share with me. :)) And so here we are 3 years later...

I think you are such an inspiring couple, your friendship to each other is solid and your happiness is evident in your energy!!! I am so honored to be a witness on this special day!!

Much love and happiness,

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